Ovarian cysts and fertility

The ovaries are female glands which produce eggs and release sex hormones. They are located in the lower abdomen, one of each side of the uterus. The ovarian cyst is a quite common gynecological disease in women during their fertile age.  They are fluid-filled sacs that are produced in the ovaries or ovarian lining. What kind … Read more

Egg donation success rates

The Egg donation success rates are usually very high, the possibility of getting pregnant on the first attempt is an average of 60% and it can reach up to 90% in the following cycles. Egg donation or IVF with egg donor is a kind of fertility treatment that allows many women who cannot get pregnant … Read more

Frequently asked questions about Fertility treatments (Part I)

Dr. Fulvia Mancini, medical director of Cataluña at Eva Fertility Clinics answers some common questions about fertility treatments. Why can’t I get pregnant? The main infertility cause for women is the age while the essential problems for men are the alternations in sperm characteristics. Why don’t I produce enough eggs? A low production of eggs … Read more