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What does having a poor ovarian reserve mean?


The ovarian reserve indicates the number of available eggs in every woman lifetime and marks the state of her fertility. A good ovarian reserve implies higher chances of achieving the pregnancy. In case of a woman with a low ovarian

Egg donation: anonymity of donors’ gametes


In Spain, the donation of gametes is characterized by the total anonymity of the donors, which is a privilege for countries in which the identity of donors can be disclosed such as the United Kingdom. In recent years, Spain has

Rita Ora has frozen her eggs to become a future mother


The singer Rita Ora, in her early 26 decided to freeze her eggs one year ago. She joins the list of celebrities who have publicly announced their intention to freeze their eggs and preserve fertility such as: Norma Ruiz, Paula

How to face a negative result?


After weeks, months and even years of dreaming about being pregnant, when the day of the pregnancy test finally arrives, the result is negative. It is a hard blow which is difficult to explain to those people who have not

Spain is the second European country with more first-time mothers over 40


For different reasons, women increasingly delay the time to become mothers. Currently, the average age of women who are new mothers exceeds the age of 31. As shown in data released by the National Statistics Institute (NSI), the percentage of

Health system creates a register for egg and sperm donor to limit donation


It allows controlling the use of egg and sperm from donors in order to be only used for six conceptions On October 10, the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality announced the launch of the Information System on Human

How does overweight affect female fertility?


Female fertility is affected by several factors. It has been demonstrated that weight can significantly affect the time it takes a healthy woman to get pregnant. Obesity and extreme thinness can negatively influence the menstrual cycle, the normal development of

Egg Vitrification after overcoming cancer


Eva Clinics participates in the “Women’s race” in Girona on 23 and 24 September to fight the cancer and raise awareness on Egg vitrification for all those women who want to become mothers after defeating the disease. Every year thousands

Welcome September! Healthy tips for a pregnancy


September is usually a month to get back to the routine even with a bit of post-vacation nostalgia. We welcome it with open arms, there is finally a break from the heat but we can still enjoy the good weather.

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